Without even knowing you, I know we have something in common...

…a love of the great outdoors and all that it offers us. Harvesting a big Buck, taking that one old Gobbler that has eluded everyone else for years or setting the hook on the biggest bass of your life are all things you love to tell your friends and family about so that they too can experience some of your excitement.

And that is exactly what led me down the path of Taxidermy. Born and raised in Southeast Missouri, I’ve been a hunter and fisherman all my life and have always had a deep appreciation for what Mother Nature has for us.

I’m an active member of the Missouri State and National Taxidermy Associations and a graduate of the Missouri Taxidermy Institute in Linn Creek , Mo. where I studied under the tutelage of Chip Stamper and his support team. Chip had one reoccurring theme to all his teachings….”Make it look like it just came back to life”. And that’s what I pledge to you….a mount worthy of that special place on your living room wall so that you can...


The Bragging Gallery

This will be a place for your field photos and finished trophies. It will be updated often so check back again soon...

Bragging Gallery

Field care is crucial for a quality mount...

  • Wipe or wash as much blood off of the hide as possible before freezing or delivering to Bragging Rights.
  • All specimens should double bagged in a heavy plastic bag before freezing.
  • When bagging Deer or other antlered animals, make sure the ears are inside the bag to prevent freezer burn.
  • Sunlight and heat are two main factors in causing bacteria growth which will result in hair slippage from your trophy. Rather than drive it around town, take lots of pictures and share them with your friends.
  • When freezing Birds, it is best to place them HEAD FIRST in a stocking or pantyhose, then double bag them. This method keeps feathers in place and makes for the best mount.
  • NEVER wrap Birds in newspaper. This method speeds up freezer burn by removing the moisture from the carcass.
  • Furbearers should be double bagged and frozen immediately.

* I will not accept rotten skulls, carcasses or capes under any circumstances.
If you have any questions about how to skin a deer for mounting, please call for instructions or I’ll do it for a nominal fee of $25.00.
Removal of the carcass is the responsibility of the taker.
All specimens must have a proper TeleCheck Confirmation # or tag, where applicable, or they will be rejected.

Pricing for 2015-16 can be found here...

I would be glad to give you a quote on any trophy not listed. Feel free to contact me:

Kevin Hogan


Ron Darosa Southern Illinois Guide Service

If your looking for some of Southern Illinois' finest Bass Fishing, look no further than my good friend Ron Darosa. Ron's 35 years on Southern Illinois waters will put your odds of catching the fish of a lifetime in your favor.

Smallmouth Bass Fishing at it's Finest!

Jim Darosa has been guiding Smallmouth Bass trips for several years on Lake Mille Lacs in central Minnesota. You'll not find a harder working guide in that area to help catch you the fish dreams are made of.

Whats happening...

Here I am working on a nice black bear. This is one of the many times I will test fit the cape on the mannikin before the final fitting. More pictures to come as this project moves along...